About Katy

Katy Allen’s passion for design started at an early age. She grew up in a family of real estate brokers in Vail, Colorado. As a young girl, Katy would accompany her parents to open houses and tour their listings. Because Vail is an international community, she was exposed to all types of interior design and architecture and loved the stories that décor told about the family who owned the home and the home itself.

To make her dream, a reality Katy received a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, moved back to the Vail Valley and began her journey as a designer and entrepreneur. Katy lives an indoor-outdoor life style complete with three kids, a husband, and a dog. She finds that a relaxed and authentic approach to design creates real spaces that both function and reflect personal style.

Katy Allen Interior Design was founded in 2002, and like the homes that inspired her as a child, Katy strives to make each home reflect the lives of its owners and tell their story. Authentic and eclectic spaces that are mindful of texture and scale are the foundations of good design and the philosophies that she embraces with each client’s home.